One Year Later: New details in Mother’s Day deadly home invasion

Posted at 7:53 PM, May 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-09 06:14:23-04

Newport News, Va. - It was knock on the door that opened a family to a night of terror.

On May 10th of last year, three intruders forced their way into a home and started shooting, killing a 32-year-old mom the day before Mother's Day. At the family's request, police will not release her name.

But NewsChannel 3 does know the name of the men who are accused of killer her. Now almost a year to the day, Jason Robles and Joe Lewis Thomas are getting ready for their preliminary hearing on Monday morning. Inside the courtroom, prosecutors will lay out whatever evidence they may have against them. Evidence we uncovered for the first time through court documents Friday.

According to a criminal complaint, the three intruders forced their way into the home on Jefferson Avenue after knocking on the door. Once inside, they held the adults, two men and two women, hostage. The court documents show intruders forced them on the ground with guns pointed at their heads while they demanded the victim's IDs, cell phones and money. The thieves kicked them in the face and body to enforce those demands, according to the complaint.

Police say the entire time there were four kids inside the home from 5-to-8-years-old.

As the intruders held the adults at gunpoint, the complaint says one them said, "Don't look at us" and threatened to kill everyone in the house and burn it down.

As they were about leave, the court documents show the intruders started shooting at the four victims lying on the floor. One bullet hit a woman in the shoulder, several more hit the 32-year-old mom who died on scene.

The complaint says Robles and Thomas were arrested after the surviving victims pointed them out  in a photo line-up. They are in jail without bond.

NewsChannel 3 is expected to learn more information inside the courtroom as Robles and Thomas face the judge for their preliminary hearing. As of today, police say there haven't been any more arrests in the case.