Norfolk City Jail to house only male inmates to reduce overcrowding

Posted at 10:57 AM, May 12, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-12 11:21:42-04

Norfolk, Va. - The Norfolk City Jail will soon become an all-male facility to ease overcrowding.

The jail is the largest in the Commonwealth, averaging about 1,300  inmates daily.  The facility is rated to hold about 878 inmates, but houses more people by using triple bunk beds instead of double bunks.​

Sheriff Bob McCabe is currently having deputies move about ten women inmates each week to the Hampton Roads Regional Jail in Portsmouth.

“The female population has consistently averaged around 200+ and occupied the third floor of Tower I and II. Recently, the numbers have been significantly lower, which allows us to transfer the female inmates to the Hampton Roads Regional Jail,” Sheriff McCabe explained.

The Norfolk City Jail has about 100 women inmates, but under jail policy, women are housed separately from the men. The men’s floors are becoming overcrowded because of dedicating an entire floor of the jail to housing women.

“The move will allow us to use the third floor for male housing and we will have an additional 20 single cells for disciplinary and mental health inmates. This should help us reduce fights inside the jail,” Cpt. Mike Keough said.

Another added benefit will be having more space to hold educational and inspirational classes for inmates. Sheriff McCabe is looking forward to inviting more community leaders to speak to inmates inside the jail.

“By expanding space for males, it will allow for more available programs for men as well as volunteers who come into the jail,” McCabe said.