Smithfield murder trial of 72-year-old woman delayed, psychologists describe suspect as “delusional”

Posted at 5:17 PM, May 15, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-16 06:24:05-04

Isle of Wight County, Va. - "Psychotic." "Delusional." "Irrational." Those were some of the words a licensed psychologist used to describe 50-year-old David Ricciardi. He's the man accused of beating 72-year old Naira Davis to death with a baseball bat.

NewsChannel 3 got the new details in the year-old murder case from inside the Isle of Wight County Courthouse on Friday.

Police say on February 20, 2014, Davis went to visit her bed-ridden friend. Court documents show it's something she did often to keep her friend company. However, on that particular night just after Davis knocked on the door and walked inside, police say she was attacked by Ricciardi.

A criminal complaint shows Ricciardi told police he hit Davis in the head several times with a wooden baseball bat then took her to the garage where he hit her over and over again. The complaint says Ricciardi then pulled a trash case to the side door and stuffed her body in it.

That's where police say an in-home nurse found her.

The case has been continued six times in the last year and one more time just this week. Court records show doctors from the Central State Hospital say he's incompetent to stand trial.

Several mental evaluations were found in Ricciardi's court file. There it shows Ricciardi has been diagnosed with a Schizophrenia-Variant Disorder.

In the initial mental evaluation done on March 28, 2014, the licensed psychologist wrote, "his flow of ideas was irrational and hard to follow and he was obsessed with delusional ideas about secret conspiracies with people who spied on him and his family, covertly molested them when they went to the bathroom and coordinated many people to work against his family. Themes of racial conspiracies and the 'Davis' spying network kept emerging and making no sense."

The report also reads, "he had delusions about a secret racial war that was being conducted by the black neighbors against the whites".

The victim, his neighbor Naira Davis, was black.

He told the psychologist, "he believed it was illegal to prosecute him for allegedly murdering a black person."

He also had no interest in considering the insanity plea because Ricciardi was sure he wasn't mentally ill, according to the report. The report shows Ricciardi did go to the Riverside Behavioral Hospital in 2011 for mental health treatments.

Ricciardi will be back in court for another mental evaluation in November.

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