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NewsChannel 3 takes special needs student shopping for prom after bus driver’s touching email

Posted at 5:00 PM, May 19, 2015
Virginia Beach, Va – A high school senior with special needs was told her family couldn’t afford to send her to her senior prom.

Her bus driver heard about this and contacted NewsChannel 3 and we took action. We took the teen to Dillard’s at Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach to go shopping for her prom.

For months, Landstown High School senior Zikia Proctor was telling her bus driver how excited she was to go to prom on May 30th .

“With bus drivers, you don’t usually get that attached, but there’s just some instances where you just feel the need to help them,” said bus driver Jean Wildey.

Zikia’s great grandmother, the woman who raised her, was recently diagnosed with cancer. With mounting medical bills for the elderly woman, extra expenses for a prom were not in her family’s budget. Zikia was crushed.

Wildey heard what was going on and took action. She sent an email to NewsChannel 3.

“I see on the news every day where you do the what’s it called, People Taking Action, so let me just throw this out to Channel 3,” says Wildley in her email.

We took action and bought her everything she needs for the big dance from head to toe. She went through a few selections and finally found one she loved. Then it was on to shoes and accessories.

Southern Bank donated a $300 gift card to the bus driver whose touching email made this all happen.

And when Dillard’s found out what we were doing, they also took action. They helped us with the cosmetics and the clothing and they took 10% off our bill.

“I am happy to get my dress and everything,” says Zikia.

“I just wanted to make a difference in at least one person’s life and I think this is it. I’m just glad she can have her day,” says Wildey.

We’re taking action and getting results in hopes of bringing a great night to a special young woman.