Student shot in the face at bus stop with BB gun; mother seeking harsher punishment for shooter

Posted at 11:17 PM, May 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-22 05:50:26-04

Moyock, N.C.- A North Carolina mother of four is fearing for the safety of her children after her son was shot with a BB gun while waiting for the school bus on Wednesday.

"You have to worry about everything now. Worry about kids bringing guns to school, now you have to worry about them bringing guns to the bus stop," said the mother, who did not want her name revealed.

She says the shooter is another student and their neighbor. Police were called but the shooter was not arrested. According to the Currituck Sheriff's Department, shooting another student in the face with a BB gun does not meet the criteria for a juvenile to be arrested. There will be an investigation into the incident, followed by a petition in front of a judge. Then it will be decided whether or not the shooter will be brought into court.

The mother of the child shot says it's possible that the shooter will never have to face the consequences of his actions, and that's not fair to her or her son.

"We don`t know whether there is going to be any justice for what he did or whether this boy will see any punishment."

Both boys are students at Moyock Middle School. The shooter has been suspended for five days. While it's not the discipline the family wants to see, they say it will have to do until police finish their investigation.