Virginia Beach officers recorded making violent arrest cleared by Commonwealth’s Attorney

Posted at 6:20 PM, May 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-27 18:34:54-04

UPDATE: On Wednesday, the Commonwealth's Attorney cleared the officers involved in the arrest of Dvondray McIntryre on May 17th. 

After a review, officials say they found 'no criminal activity on the officers' parts. They say McIntryre was not complying with repeated requests to show his hands and he was combative with the officers. 

Officials say this happened after previous attempts to take McIntryre into custody. 

Virginia Beach, Va. - Three Virginia Beach police officers who were recorded making a violent arrest at the Oceanfront have been placed on administrative duties.

This information comes from several police sources who say the city’s police chief is also asking the Commonwealth’s Attorney to review the case.

D'Vondray Terrell McIntyre

D'Vondray Terrell McIntyre

Witnesses recorded video of two officers trying to handcuff D’Vondray Terrell McIntyre Sunday while a third officer delivered a series of knee strikes.

Police said McIntyre had punched a nightclub bouncer and ran when police officers confronted him.

According to a police spokesman, McIntyre then assaulted two officers. The video given to us did not show the events that led to the violent arrest.

Our sources say the officers involved were told at the start of their most recent shifts that they were being taken off the street. Police are also confirming the chief is asking the city’s top prosecutor to take a look at the case to determine if criminal charges should be filed against the officers.

Our sources are also telling us this means as many as a half-dozen Oceanfront police officers have been taken off the streets in the past few days as the department gets ready for the Memorial Day weekend.

The officers have been involved in a shootout and then these three officers involved in the videotaped arrest.


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