Teen accused of breaking into 5 homes, trying to rob two women

Posted at 6:54 PM, May 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-25 18:54:16-04

Virginia Beach, Va. - Five homes were broken into. Two women were victims of an attempted armed robbery with guns pointed at their faces. All seven incidents happened in the same Green Run area of Virginia Beach and all were committed by the same person.

When NewsChannel 3 went to the suspect's house, his mother answered the door and told us he is just 15-years-old.

Deborah Dooley was one of his victims, according to the search warrant.

"I felt very violated," she said.

Dooley says she was disturbed when police called to say her home was broken into back on May 6th. But as a grandmother of eight, she says she was more disturbed when they told her the suspect they had just arrested was a teenager.

"It's really sad because he had nothing else to do with his time," Dooley said. "There are things for someone that young to be doing, like studying."

According to the search warrant, Dooley's break-in was the last of several that terrorized neighborhoods in the Green Run area in Virginia Beach for months:

  1. The first one happened between February 12th and February 15th on Windmill Drive. A man told police he was out of town, but when he got back home he noticed someone had broken in. The victim told police the suspect stole sneakers, NorthFace brand sweaters and jackets, a Microsoft One Video game system, video games and a Nike gym bag.
  2. The second one happened on March 23rd on Sierra Drive. A man told police someone broke into the house through a rear sliding glass door and stole two revolvers.
  3. Two days later, on March 25th there was an attempted robbery on ship Chandlers Wharf. A woman told police a man pulled out a gun and aimed it at her, demanding money. The victim's neighbor came outside, causing the suspect to flee the area without taking anything.
  4. About a month after that on April 23rd, there was another attempted robbery also on Sierra Drive. A woman told police a man wearing a dark clothing approached her while she was sitting in her vehicle. She told police the suspect showed a gun and demanded her to "Give me you money."The victim told the suspect she didn't' have any and she tried to roll up her window. The suspect jammed the gun into the window, stopping it from closing. That's when the victim screamed and the suspect ran away.
  5. On April 27th, there was another break in reported on Windmill Point Crescent. The victim told police the suspects entered the house through the rear door's window and took two cell phones.
  6. The next break-in happened on the same day right next door. The victim told police someone broke the rear door's window and took an Apple iPad.
  7. Then on May 6th, Deborah Dooley's house on Crescent Pointe Lane was broken into. She says police called her to tell her about it and that her back door was shattered.

"It's just makes you feel like, 'Wow out of no where someone can just break into your home,'" she said.

All seven happened within a two-mile radius. It ended at Dooley's house when she says police were waiting for the suspect right outside.

"They were already here," she said. "He couldn't see outside of the house because my blinds are always down, and he came out like he lived here and that's when they spotted him in front of the house in unmarked cars. Thank you police and they captured him."

The search warrant was filed in Virginia Beach Circuit Court so police could search the accused teen's house and once inside, they found several of the items victims reported missing. Some of the items listed were seven iPad minis, XBOX one, NorthFace jacket, 9 XBOX games and four iPhones.

The search warrant also shows the accused teen confessed to taking 10-12 pairs of sneakers, along with NorthFace jackets from the burglary on Windmill Drive, taking firearms from the burglary at Sierra Drive, clothing from the burglary at Windmill Point Crescent and committing the robberies at Ship Chandlers Wharf and Sierra Drive.

We went by the suspect's house today where his mom came to the door.

"They are only claims," she told us without coming outside. "He's just 15-years-old. Innocent until proven guilty, I'm telling you all I can say right now."

The search warrant does say the suspect was arrested, but because he is a teen, his name and mugshot will not be released.

Either way, Deborah Dooley feels safer now that he has been arrested.

"I'm glad that it is over," Dooley said.