Local boy in replica Marine uniform visits father’s grave at Arlington

Posted at 2:22 PM, May 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-26 19:43:29-04

Arlington, Va. - People all over the country spent Memorial Day remembering service members who died defending the United States. Many gathered at Arlington National Cemetery to remember their fallen loved ones.

Pictures from one local woman and her son’s visit to Arlington are now going viral.

Four-year-old Christian Jacobs visited his father’s grave dressed in a replica Marine Corps Dress Blues uniform.

Christian and his mother, Brittany Jacobs, are from Hertford, North Carolina. Husband and father Sgt. Christopher James Jacobs died in a training accident at a Marine base in California in 2011 when Christian was just eight months old, according the Marine Corps Times.

"He likes coming here and he was excited about coming here," Brittany says about her son.

Christian also had a message for his father.

"I hope for you to come back soon, daddy. And I love you and hope for you to be here. I know you will be here and I love you. And he is always watching over me and makes sure - he's proud of me, daddy. And I love you daddy," he said.

"I'm glad that people are getting to see the connection of a little boy who lost his dad when he was a baby and see how much he loves him and how proud he is of him," says Jacobs.