Teen charged with DUI, leaving scene of crash in Newport News

Posted at 10:50 AM, May 27, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-28 11:17:31-04

Newport News, Va. - She's 19-years-old and in a mug shot. Her eyes were glazed, lips bruised and face was scratched after the teen was arrested for driving drunk, getting into a car accident and then driving away. It happened in Newport News early Saturday morning.

Amy Christin Hensley

Amy Christin Hensley

NewsChannel 3 spoke with Amy Christin Hensley's father, Jim, over the phone. He says this is unlike the daughter he raised.

"It's really not like her," he said. "She's in college. She has a job. She's never been in trouble. It's kind of strange."

But according to a criminal complaint filed in Hensley's arrest paperwork, she was drunk when arrested after a hit and run.  According to the complaint, a witness actually saw the crash at the intersection of Oyster Point Road and Jefferson Avenue. That witness followed Hensley and called police. She was eventually arrested about two miles away on Menchville Road. The witness told officers Hensley was driving with the lights off and her car had a flat tire.

The criminal complaint also says the officer performed different field sobriety tests, which Hensley failed. Hensley blew a .145, almost twice the legal limit, according to the arrest documents.

That was a fact her father didn't know until NewsChannel 3 told him today.

"Ok, alright. Well that's what I needed to know. I didn't know that," he said. "I actually think she was kind of dazed because she hit the steering wheel with her face. The next morning her face was still swollen."

He says he's upset with his daughter's decision.

"I'm very upset about it. I don't like alcohol in the first place and I always tell them, if you are somewhere and you have drinks, don't ever be afraid to call. I'll come, no questions," Hensley's dad added.

The criminal complaint says when officers arrested Hensley she told them she was afraid. Her father is just happy his daughter is alive today.

"Just be lucky she didn't get killed," he added.

She will be in court for her arraignment on June 15th.