Morning rain causes more flooding

Posted at 3:14 PM, Jun 04, 2015

Norfolk, Va. - More rain Thursday morning added to what we've had over the past two days.

The water had no where else to go, but the roads.

It was like that in much of Ghent in Norfolk, especially off of Baldwin Avenue. NewsChannel 3 saw one driver who thought about going through, but made the smart decision to stop and find another way around.

Drains were having a rough time keeping up with it all.

City officials said 15 crews hit the streets in Ghent and Larchmont  and other areas until lunch time, cleaning out the drains and vacuuming up debris, getting ready for more rain.

Crews did the same in Virginia Beach. Worker Matt Forehand says they are playing catch-up after Tuesday night's storms in Virginia Beach and trying to use any break in the constant rain to clean out drains and ditches so the water can clear out faster.

"It was underwater a little but but the ditches are higher than the pipes are. What we are doing is making sure our system is open," he says.

Now that a bit of sunshine is on the way, crews will be able to continue to clear out drains once the water is washed away.


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