Manassas hunter records scary encounter with bobcat

Posted at 10:41 AM, Jun 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-08 10:41:29-04

Manassas, Va. – A Manassas hunter captured video of a bobcat stalking him from just feet away right before it charged.

Kevin Walter was hunting wild turkeys when the rarely seen cat appeared.

He told The Daily Caller he was sitting on a hillside attempting to call a turkey when it appeared.

“After sitting for a few minutes I looked downhill and spotted a bobcat making its way toward me,” Walter told The Daily Caller.

Walter said the cat approached about 10 yards behind him. That’s when he decided to pull out his phone and record.

“When it got directly behind me, I gave a few squirrel distress calls,” he said. “That stopped it in its tracks, and it peered around a tree to look at me.”

Walter said the bobcat may have attacked because the shape and color of the camera lens and flash resembled the eyes of a predator.

“It stopped about 4 yards away with its tail flittering about. Then, just like that, it jumped right at my phone, which was next to my face. I swatted it away, and it bounced off my arm and took off like a bat outta hell through the woods.”

After he swatted the cat away, it took off into the woods.

Walter escaped unharmed.