Remains found in mother’s car in Hampton confirmed to be those of her son

Posted at 10:02 AM, Jun 10, 2015

Hampton, Va. - Virginia State Police say the medical examiner identified the remains found in Tonya Slaton's car as those of her own son - Quincy Davis.

Right now, they aren't saying how - or even if - they have an idea of when in the past 11 years he died.

Pictured above in the video is Quincy Jamar Davis' 7th grade school picture when he was a student at Virginia Beach Middle School.

The photo is from 2004 - the last time State Police say anyone knows where Quincy was.

"At this time no witnesses have been developed who have knowledge of Davis' welfare after 2004 when he was living and going to school in the city of Virginia Beach."

According to Virginia Beach City Public Schools, Quincy enrolled at Virginia Beach Middle School in September of 2001 and withdrew two years later. Police say he was last seen when he was in the seventh grade.

State Police say it was Quincy's body they discovered inside the trunk of his mother's car earlier this month.

Tonya Slaton- who is Quincy's biological mother- was pulled over on Interstate 64 in Hampton for expired license plates.

After getting a search warrant - court documents show troopers found Quincy's body in two plastic bags wrapped in duct tape hidden in the trunk.

State Police are saying very little about their investigation, refusing to comment on when or how Davis may have died, but they are begging anyone who knew him to come forward.

"We are asking - State Police wants anybody to come forward who may have had contact with Quincy, who may have known Quincy around 2004 prior to that era, if they went to school with him, if they lived in the neighborhood."

Quincy Davis is not Tonya Slaton's only child - State Police say she also has an adult son.

Court documents show that Slaton has lived in Richmond for at least the past two years, but she did have a former address in Virginia Beach. She also has a criminal record in Hampton for shooting into her boyfriend's home after an argument, back in 2007.

She remains in jail today, where she declined to talk to NewsChannel 3 about these developments.

Virginia State Police is asking anyone who knows anything about Quincy Davis to give them a call at 757-424-6800. They say something that seems tiny could be a big break for them.

Previous Story:

Hampton, Va. - Virginia State Police are asking for the public to come forward with any information after human remains were found in a Ford Mustang during a traffic stop over the weekend.

At approximately 8:20 a.m. on Saturday a Virginia State Police Trooper stopped the black 2003 Mustang as it was traveling east on Interstate 64 near Exit 265 for Rip Rap Road in Hampton. The traffic stop was for expired license plates on the Mustang.

According to the criminal complaint obtained by NewsChannel 3, during the traffic stop, the trooper saw a large white spot on the floorboard behind the driver's seat, which Slaton said was from spilled bleach.

Tonya M. Slaton

Tonya M. Slaton

Documents show that police obtained a search warrant. The timeline is unclear, however, during the traffic stop, police also began collecting "inventory of the vehicle for storage purposes." Records show it was during the inventory check that the trooper looked underneath a spare tire and found human remains in two plastic bags, wrapped in duck tape.

The remains were taken to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Norfolk for examination, autopsy and positive identification.

NewsChannel 3 asked police what led the trooper to obtain a search warrant in the first place, but they would not comment.

State Police have charged the driver of the Mustang, 44-year-old Tonya M. Slaton of Richmond, with concealment of a dead body. She is being held at the Hampton Roads Regional Jail without bond.

Records show that she has a criminal record in Hampton. Her most recent offense is for shooting at an occupied dwelling in 2007. Police say it happened after an argument with her boyfriend.

Those with information about Slaton or the black 2003 Mustang can contact the Virginia State Police at 757-424-6800 or #77 on a cell phone, or email

The Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s Chesapeake Field Office is investigating the incident.