Behold the dausage: Half donut, half sausage

Posted at 1:41 PM, Jun 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-11 13:44:03-04

Walking the fine, greasy line between ewww and mmmm comes another hybrid snack that the world has somehow survived without until now: the dausage.

The half donut, half sausage hybrid is the calorific brainchild of Wales-based Web developer Liam Bennett.

Inspired by the successful cross-pastry donut splicings that gave us cronuts and cruffins, the 37-year-old is now producing a range of pork-based products laced with sweet fillings.

These include sausages filled with raspberry jelly and — the weak of stomach should look away now — custard.

“I I was trying to think what else you could mix with a donut,” Bennett tells CNN.

“I was looking at things that go well with sweet things, duck with plum sauce. I thought I’d give the sausage a go because, well I eat sausages.”

Bennett says the reaction to his dausages was initially skeptical.

Multifunctional sausage

“Everyone thought it was crazy to be honest. But when they tried it they loved it. And so did I, I thought it was a great taste.”

Bennett is currently making his dausages by hand to sell at food fairs, but he’s trying to raise funds via a Kickstarter to build the world’s first dausage machine.

He’s also experimenting with other fillings.

“We’ve also looked at more traditional flavors — apple sauce with pork, mint with lamb — but to be honest they’re a bit boring, I’d rather go for newer flavors.

“I think I would try anything.”

Wondering what’s the etiquette for dishing up a dausage?

Bennett says they’re flexible.

“I think it’s multifunctional, we’ve had them at barbecues, hot dogs and things. You can have them with chips, with breakfast, with anything.”