Some Virginia Beach students participate in field day in scorching heat

Posted at 5:26 PM, Jun 16, 2015

Virginia Beach, Va. - With temperatures feeling like triple digits outside Virginia Beach students were running around in the grass and scorching asphalt for field day.

So why - on potentially the hottest day of the year - would Beach Schools want students outside?

The heat is something parents say Virginia Beach public schools prepared for.

Suzie and Scott Moore say their daughter’s school gave them a list of items for her to bring including bottled water, sunscreen and a hat.

John B. Dey, Ocean Lakes Elementary, Princess Anne Elementary, and Red Mills Elementary all had field days. Along with bottled water, the schools provided misters, sprinklers and at Ocean Lakes, parents set up a snow cone station.

Patricia Syren, who has a fourth grader at John B. Dey, volunteered to run a temporary tattoo booth for field day. She says students have the option to play inside or out.

“They have a lot of activities inside, and that's why I'm not that worried about my son being outside for that long,” says Syren.