Grohl injury prompts Foo Fighters to cancel tour

Posted at 8:23 AM, Jun 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-17 08:23:40-04

(CNN) — Forget about the broken leg. Dave Grohl has a broken heart.

The Foo Fighters frontman, who suffered a broken fibula when he fell off a stage in Sweden last Friday, said in a blog entry that he’ll need time to recover.

“It kills me to say it…..the doctors have told us to cancel shows. I’m really so sorry, guys. You know I hate to do it, but I’m afraid it’s just not physically possible for me at the moment,” he wrote on the Foo Fighters’ website. (Fans are required to click the “broken heart” of an Operation game board to access Grohl’s note.)

In a statement, the Foo Fighters’ PR firm said that the band was canceling the European tour.

“Due to injuries sustained in Dave Grohl’s fall from the stage during Foo Fighters’ June 12 show at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden, doctors have required the cancellation of the remainder of the band’s dates in the UK and Europe. After undergoing surgery Monday, Dave’s full recuperation time is still to be determined,” the statement said.

The canceled dates include a scheduled June 26 performance at the UK’s Glastonbury Festival, one of the largest festivals in the world, where the band was headlining. There’s no word yet on the band’s American tour, which is scheduled to begin at Washington’s RFK Stadium July 4 and run until mid-October.

In his post, Grohl maintained his sense of humor.

“As I lay there on my back, I just thought, ‘Are you kidding me? We haven’t even gotten to the screamy bit of the song and the gig is f—— OVER?” he wrote. He was a trouper during the show, promising the band would finish, even as he had to be taken off stage for treatment.

“What seemed like a tragedy at first turned into a triumph, and we all walked away with a new sense of appreciation for what we’ve got,” he wrote.

But, he observed, even with surgery concluded, “I’m not out of the woods yet, folks.”

He closed with a jokey message to Kanye West.

“PS…….Kanye…..Imma let you have this one,” Grohl wrote.

CNN’s Mariano Castillo contributed to this story.

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