People Taking Action: Virginia Beach custodian gives kids special treat on last day of school

Posted at 7:58 PM, Jun 18, 2015

Virginia Beach, Va. - NewsChannel 3’s Les Smith was on a mission at Birdneck Elementary.

He was looking for a man named Joseph Davis. He works as the custodian there, but he ‘s so much more.

On the last day of school, Davis buys every student at Birdneck Elementary an Iceee.

“I make sure everyone gets a treat. From disabled on up to the fifth grade.'

He pays for it out of his own pocket. What’s his reward? He says, it’s pure joy.

Mr. Davis has been giving the kids treats for four years now. Principal IRV beard knows it's about more than just ice cream. He remembers his own elementary school custodian.

“He would play with us kids at lunch and during recess. He had all those keys. He was cool. He was cool and he made a difference in the lives of us fifth graders. Just like Mr. Davis is doing now. The kids love him.”

For his continued efforts to make a difference, NewsChannel 3 along with our community partners Southern Bank presented Mr. Davis with a $300 Visa Gift Card and a People Taking Action Award.