Virginia Beach shark sightings hurting business

Posted at 11:12 PM, Jun 19, 2015

Virginia Beach, Va. - Recent shark sightings are starting to negatively affect local businesses.

"It's bad timing but as the water gets warmer these kind of things get more publicity," said Tony Pellino, Owner of VB Surf Sessions. "We are certainly not going to put anyone's life in danger for money."

Pellino, a lifelong Virginia Beach resident, has been giving surf and paddle board lessons at the Oceanfront for the last six years. He says there are always sharks in the water, but recent sightings are causing customers to cancel their surfing lessons.

"As far as surfing it has slowed down. The calls for immediate reservations have slowed," said Pellino.

The most recent shark sighting was reported Friday morning by beach-goers on 69th street.

"We saw a fin in the water so my mom called us in and we didn't get eaten," said Romeo Stoe.

However, until a lifeguard or emergency management member says there is something to be afraid of, Pellino says he will be in the water ready to teach customers how to surf and paddle board.

"We certainly take it seriously and keep our eyes open and make sure that our guests are safe."


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