Tree falls on Virginia Beach home, missing owners’ bed by 10 feet

Posted at 8:20 PM, Jun 21, 2015

Virginia Beach, Va. - During Saturday night's storms, a tree fell onto a family's home and cut off part of their roof, just barely missing where the owners' were sleeping.

"It's a Father's Day that we won't forget, let's put it that way," says Pamela Kersh.

The Kersh family spent their holiday watching the remnants of a tree get pulled off of the roof and porch of their home. When the tree fell, it missed Pamela and her husband John's bed by just 10 feet.

"We were both sound asleep and we heard a big crack and we felt the house move," says John.

The couple was told that the wind and rain was enough to knock over a decaying part of one of their massive backyard trees. Now they say they're expecting thousands of dollars in repairs, but they're still counting their blessings.

Most importantly, for the fathers with Kenny's Tree and Crane that sacrificed their time to take action with the clean-up.

"To not spend time with their kids and help us get this tree removed," says John. "We really hit the jackpot in a lot of ways, we're very blessed."

Kenny Jutras, Owner of Kenny's Tree and Crane, says they had several calls on Sunday after Saturday night's storms. Other than the Kersh's home, they had to go to homes in Yorktown and one home in Newport News. Normally, Jutras and his staff would have off on Sunday.

"You have got to do what you have to do, and it was an emergency so we're here to help," says Jutras.

Jutras says the Kersh's home had the worst damage, but the family is focusing on the fact that no one was injured.

"It's definitely a mess but we're fine," says Pamela. "We'll get it fixed and move on."