People Taking Action: Chesapeake woman runs special summer camp and so much more…

Posted at 6:28 PM, Jun 23, 2015

Chesapeake, Va. - Rita Phoenix is the owner of the Family Dog Club in Chesapeake. And this week, NewsChannel 3 presented her with a big surprise.

Each year, Rita puts on a camp set up for kids and their pets. The K-9 and Kids Camp is in its 17th year and there are activities focused on dog tricks, obedience, making dog toys and even first aid. And Rita regularly covers the camp’s cost for kids who are unable to.

It’s not just what Rita does here at the camp. She has also gone into a Chesapeake school on a regular basis, adopted a third grade classroom and provided a wide range of school supplies.

“We buy them all of their notebooks, all of their paper, all of their pencils for that one class,” Rita says.

And it’s not just school supplies...

“We buy them jackets every year. So that class gets jackets, gloves and hats and mittens, because the kids don’t usually have them” she says.

Rita also runs a beagle rescue charity called “Beagles to the Rescue” and has found homes for over 700 dogs.

NewsChannel 3 presented Rita with a People Taking Action Award along with a $300 gift card from our community partners at Southern Bank.

“It's what she does and no one knows it. You know, there are so many people who do good things and it's important for people to know these good things are happening,” says Kimberly Sherin.

“I get everything out of it. It's awesome. It feels good. It just feels good,” Rita says. “Because it's important. It's important to give back.”