Taking Action for Suffolk residents trapped by constant flooding

Posted at 6:44 PM, Jun 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-27 06:27:30-04

Suffolk, Va. - The Nansemond Square Apartments in Suffolk have a flooding problem. Every time there's a heavy rain, a portion of the complex's parking lot fills with up to three feet of standing water.

Residents say this is the norm after a big rain.

"Constantly over and over and over. Every time it rains we have to evacuate the cars out otherwise they'll be inundated," resident Ron Bolinsky says. "If it gets up into the doorway it rolls into the parking lot it does not stop. I have an old lady that lives next to me, she had a stroke. She has to go through two feet of water to get to her car so it don't damage her car."

"It's not clean. It's not cool. I don't want to keep living out here at the lake," Kayla McNair says.

The issue is a clogged storm drain. Residents say it's been clogged with trash for years and no one has cleaned it out.

Property management is pointing the finger at Dominion Power, saying their drains are backed up because a connected-neighboring drain Dominion owns is backed up.

Dominion says that drain was cleared last week, well before Thursday night's storm and latest flooding.

Property management admits their drains still haven't been cleaned out as they wait for a plumber to come out. They're hoping a plumber can come out sometime next week, but are not sure yet exactly when.