TSA seizes $75,000 in cash from Richmond passenger – and he may not get it back

Posted at 1:01 PM, Jul 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-01 13:06:27-04

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. — The Transportation Security Administration confiscated a large bag of money at Richmond International Airport - and the man carrying it may not get it back despite not being charged.

The man who was carrying $75,000 in cash was stopped at a checkpoint because of his bulky bag, according to WTVR.

When TSA agents opened it they found stacks of cash in the carry-on.

WTVR reported that the passenger was not charged and was allowed to get on his next flight.

TSA then tweeted out a photo of the cash, angering many on social media.

An airport spokesperson told WTVR the money was later turned in to another federal agency.

Legal analyst Todd Stone said there are some statutes that allow the government to seize cash.

“The fact of the matter is that there are laws that deal with reporting cash that’s over $10,000 and there are also laws that deal with reporting it to the IRS,” Stone said.  “So the theory is when someone is carrying this much cash you’re trying to evade those laws.”