D.C. Mayor: No evidence of gunshots, shooter or victims at Washington Navy Yard

Posted at 8:18 AM, Jul 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-02 18:02:02-04

Washington, D.C. - Washington D.C. Police and the U.S. Navy have confirmed that there was no sign of a shooting at the Washington Navy Yard on Thursday morning.

Authorities respond to "active shooter" situation at Washington Navy Yard

The Navy Yard was placed on a lockdown after someone contacted authorities from inside a building reporting possible sounds of gunshots around 7:30 a.m.

Multiple agencies responded to the scene, including U.S. Park Police, Homeland Security, Metropolitan Police, Metro Transit Authority, ATF, Capitol Police, and NCIS.

D.C. Police report they completed a search of the building and found no evidence of a shooting or injured personnel.

"At this time, there is no evidence of gunshots, there is no evidence of a shooter, and there's no evidence of any victims today. we look forward to finding out all of our partners responded as they should have," D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said in a press conference following the incident. "I'm very proud of all of the officials who answered the call."

At this time, the Navy Yard remains on a lockdown with resources available to personnel as needed, according to Vice Admiral Dixon Smith, Commander, Navy Installations Command.

The scene has been turned back over to Naval Sea Systems Command. The Navy reports a Naval Criminal Investigative Services investigation into the situation is ongoing.

The Washington Navy Yard was the site of a 2013 mass shooting that left 12 people dead.

"We've learned a lot over the last couple of years. We exercise hard and we're going to review this again to see what went right and what we can continue to improve upon to improve our procedures in the future," said Vice Admiral Smith.

"We know that there have been a lot of lessons learned from previous incidents, fatalities and threats here at the Navy Yard. We have found that there was a clear, coordinated and convincing response to this scene," Mayor Bowser said Thursday. "We take clear and credible threats from our citizens very seriously."

As for the security at local installations in Hampton Roads, there was no change to security at all on Thursday morning.

Earlier this week, Admiral Jonathan Greenert, Chief of Naval Operations, spoke at Naval Air Station Oceana and answered questions about base security.

"We have been at a Force Protection condition which is Alpha with different measures and the thing to do is to continue to maneuver those measures. The local commander will decide that, to be more unpredictable in our security and more vigilant in that regard. So I'm comfortable with where we are now. We will pay close attention to anything specific or maybe non specific and we will adjust our measures accordingly. I think we will be fine."

Navy officials in Hampton Roads say they train with local law enforcement regularly. They remind all Sailors to be vigilant and if they see something, say something.


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