Be money savvy on your next vacation

Posted at 12:01 PM, Jul 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-03 12:01:54-04

Norfolk, Va. – Summer is here and many of you are pulling out your suitcases and booking your plane tickets for those much needed vacations. But after the fun is over, don’t come back from your vacation with an empty wallet. Check out the following tips to save some money on your next vacation.


When buying an airline ticket, plan in advance and visit discount websites such as Travelocity to search for better deals. Don’t count out connecting flights right away. While they can sometimes be inconvenient, they usually can save you a good amount of money. Most airlines are starting to charge for checked bags, so try to travel light and make sure your carry-on fits the airline’s required dimensions.

When planning your flights, try to fly back into the same airport because it’s almost always cheaper and be flexible with travel dates. Sometimes it’s cheaper to leave the day before or after your originally planned date.


If you’re not going very far, you might want to consider driving to your vacation instead of flying. Not only will you save money but you’ll also eliminate the need to deal with airport security and the hassles of flying. Not to mention, you’ll eliminate the need for transportation around your vacation area because you’ll already have a car.

If your transportation is going to be long, consider opting for the overnight option. You can pass the time by sleeping through travel and you’ll also save on hotel accommodations for the night. When you arrive at the airport or when you’re traveling through your vacation destination, resist the urge to hail a taxi. Consider taking a much cheaper option such as a subway, a bus or even walking to your destination if it isn’t that far away. It will give you a chance see the area, check out local life and take pictures.

Car Rentals

Before renting a car, check online to see if you can find any coupon codes. Be specific about what type of car you want. Try to pick smaller and more fuel efficient cars to save money on gas. When it comes to gas, don’t opt for the service that fills the gas tank up for you. They will charge you for a full tank of gas regardless of how much gas you return the car with.

If you need a car seat for your car rental, call ahead and check the price of renting one from the car rental company. With airlines increasing costs for extra luggage, it might actually be cheaper to rent a car seat than to bring your own.


Buy groceries to keep in your hotel room such as snacks and breakfast items which will be much cheaper than eating out or buying from the hotel. If your hotel has a kitchenette, cook for yourself. Even if your just cooking one or two meals during your vacation, you can easily rack up the savings.

When you do go out to eat, plan your meals out beforehand so you know where and when. This can help you search and plan out more economical restaurant options. If possible, eat heavier lunches and lighter dinners. Lunchtime prices are usually less expensive than dinnertime.


If you’re not completely set on a travel location, consider the exchange rate. That could make a huge difference in your decision. When you get to your destination, be wary of going to exchange centers because they tend to have poor exchange rates. Do a quick online search to find the best place to get cash in the local currency.


If possible, try to book a bundle. A lot of times you can save a good amount of money if you book the airfare and hotel accommodations together. Don’t be afraid to ask the hotel for free deals. Sometimes smaller hotels are willing to give you free upgrades.

Consider staying in a town outside of your vacation spot. Sometimes smaller towns close to the place you want to vacation in are much less expensive and can prove to be worth the 15 to 20 minute drive.

Instead of booking two rooms, in some instances two bedroom suites can be less expensive. You can still get the same amount of privacy for a reduced price.


Many attractions will offer senior, children and student discounts. Always check before purchasing a ticket. Don’t forget to bring along your ID to qualify for any of these discounts as well as any membership cards such as AAA that may qualify you for additional discounts.

A lot of places will offer group discounts. Round up a group of friends and family to go to your destination with you in order to save money on ticket prices.

-Danielle Ruble