Community comes together to help family after devastating fire

Posted at 11:37 PM, Jul 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-09 23:37:16-04

Moyock, NC - Piles and piles of clothes line the Eagle Creek Golf Clubhouse in Moyock all to help a family of seven.

The husband, wife, four daughters, and aunt lost almost everything in this fire early Wednesday morning.

Their house is gone. All of their belongings and even three cars in the driveway are gone.

"It's one of your own. It’s so easy to drive by the street and you can see the disaster that's happened to the family,” says Dan Aros.

Neighbors are raising money for the family, too. Including a 7-year-old boy who gave 83 cents.

Online, the family's Gofundme page is getting a lot of clicks, bringing in more than $22,000 in donations in just about a day.

There are also messages of support saying so glad your family is safe, but also many donating anonymously.

Great Hope Baptist Church in Chesapeake also lent the family a church van to get around.

They've been collecting clothes as well. The father, Craig Christensen works there as a youth pastor.

We spoke with him shortly after the fire on Wednesday morning.

A friend told us tonight the family is overwhelmed by all the people taking action to help them rebuild their lives.