Hampton Roads Police and Fire team compete in soccer championship

Posted at 10:44 PM, Jul 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-14 22:44:15-04

Officer John Tracey wears his bronze medal with pride.

He scored two goals for the Hampton Roads Police and Fire Team in the game that earned them the bronze.

But it's the arm band on his right arm he and his teammates wore throughout the tournament that's he's most proud to wear.

"We’re also playing for my daughter who passed three months ago."

His baby girl Callie became sick and would not make it.

Tracey, who played soccer all his life, was able to find some solace out on the pitch.

"It was difficult. My head was back here at home with everything that's happening. We're still trying to recover, my wife and I. But while I was on the field, it was a big relief and something I didn't have to stress about,” says Tracey.

The team—made up of Chesapeake police along with a few Norfolk Fire Fighters and police--got off to a slow start.

They lost their first match but would rally and get all the way to a third place finish.

That's not bad for a team that was put together a couple of months ago.

"After the second or third day, we came to kind of understand the styles of play among the members of the team and certainly improved over the course of the week."

The officers say they'll be back in two years when the games return to Montreal.

"We're excited for Montreal. Kinda down. It’s two years away, but that gives us time to build up and maybe play a little better as a team."

The host team, Fairfax United, beat Hampton Roads in the semifinals and would go on to win the tournament.

The Hampton Roads team says they'll be ready to take down the champs in two years.