Keith Urban fan scammed by impersonator

Posted at 1:32 AM, Jul 15, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-15 06:04:51-04

Norfolk, Va. - A Norfolk woman who is a huge Keith Urban fan made a Facebook post on the singer's page and now she is worried that her and her family's life could be in danger.

The woman is so scared, she asked not to be identified. Here is one of the messages she received: "We will hunt you down if we don`t get any type of payment within the next 30 minutes. You and your kids are all in danger. Trust me you don`t want to mess with us."

According to the woman, she posted on the singer's page and then says she was "friended" by him. She says they started talking online, and she asked him for a CD which he agreed to send to her. Then he asked her for a special favor, that is when she found out the person she was talking to wasn't Keith Urban.

"He started texting me and emailing me and telling me he had a briefcase that he wanted me to take custody of. And he couldn't have anyone else do it because I was such a good fan of his."

Though there was a catch.

"It would be delivered to my house today if I could give him $800," she explained.

Realizing that she had gotten herself in the middle of a scam, she called police and filed a report. Newschannel 3 called the number the threatening text messages came from, but no one answered. Then we called Keith Urban's real management team. They say that it's common for people to impersonate the singer, but hearing about the scam was a first. They plan on finding out who is responsible for the messages and will take necessary legal action.