Norfolk police investigate possible dog fighting

Posted at 12:25 AM, Jul 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-16 06:15:21-04

Norfolk, Va. - Police are investigating possible dog fighting activity, according to a search warrant filed in Norfolk Circuit Court. Two pit bulls were taken from a home on Washington Avenue, following the investigation into a robbery in Virginia Beach.

One of the dogs was loose in a shed. The other was found chained inside the house, the search warrant said. One of the dogs had "significant scarring" on its face that is "consistent with dog fighting," according to the warrant. Investigators also found equipment to strengthen the dogs.

No one answered at the home on Wednesday. It's the address listed for 17-year-old Zyleshelvin Adams, according to the warrant. Adams was taken into custody during a robbery investigation on July 7th on Pheasant Run in Virginia Beach.

Another search warrant says two people kicked in the front door of a the Pheasant Run apartment, armed with semi-automatic guns, and demanded things from the people inside. Two women were covered with blankets as the robbers ransacked their apartment for about an hour and a half, according to court documents.

Among several things stolen: the credit card belonging to one of the women. A search warrant says that card was used later that night to buy a gun online at The victim tipped off police to the more than $500 purchase. Then, a website employee gave police the buyer's name and address: Zyleshelvin Adams, living at 581 Washington Ave., according to the warrant.

Police began the dog fighting investigation, and seized the two pit bulls. Adams was later taken into custody at a different address.

It's not clear who owned the dogs. Police tell NewsChannel 3 no one is charged for dog fighting, but the investigation is still continuing. Police also didn't release the condition of the dogs.