Grammatical errors on monument outrage veterans

Posted at 2:40 PM, Jul 17, 2015

Near Houston, Texas, a stone tribute to military veterans is getting attention for all the wrong reasons.

A grammatical error on the marker is creating some unwanted publicity.

Under a hastily constructed cover are egregious errors, so says Bryan Bell.

He noticed them while they sat briefly uncovered.

“As a veteran yes absolutely I’m offended by it.”

It’s the very beginning of a brand new five sided concrete monument to our armed forces.

But it’s got issues.

Marines has a backward ‘N’ and is missing an ‘S’.

And on another panel Air Force appears to be one word, it’s really two words.

“I think it should be proofread by the people responsible for this park. These things shouldn’t go up when they are misspelled,” says Bell.

The monument, which will one day be 50 feet high, sits on the ft. Bend County side of George Bush park and the contractor, Jeff Pantle, admits there are problems.

But he says remember this project just started and the monument hasn’t been publicly unveiled.

Pantle by the way says he’s donating his time to putting together the monument – a civic project envisioned by the Katy Rotary Club and funded with donations.

Fort Bend County Commissioner Andy Meyers says that even though his commission is not in charge of the project, it will make sure the monument gets fixed.