Motorcyclist turns the tables on alleged road rage attacker in helmet cam video

Posted at 10:37 AM, Jul 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-20 10:37:53-04

Motorcyclists are often portrayed as the bad guys in road-rage incidents, but a biker in Arizona is being hailed as the good guy after fending off an angry attack – with his helmet cam rolling.

Sometimes road rage is a one way street, and in this case motorcyclist Cody Muñoz and his girlfriend were on the receiving end.

“He hit me directly in the helmet.”

The motorist then shoved Muñoz’s girlfriend.

It all played out on a Saturday afternoon in Yuma, Arizona.

The driver got mad when the biker did something that’s illegal in Arizona called lane-splitting. The bike went between the car and a bus traveling the same direction.

51-year-old Lee Schismenos followed Cody Muñoz and his girlfriend to a red-light, and after taking a couple of swings, the older man got taken down.

Muñoz’s girlfriend called the police.

“Dude I did nothing to you.”

“Yeah you just broke the law,” says Schismenos.

“I went, I like, I went in between you at a, at a, on a road?”


“And you’re gonna, and you’re gonna punch me and assault me for that?


Online Muñoz was hailed for his restraint:

“10 out of 10 to that motorcyclist.”

“Actually props for not smashing his teeth in.”

When asked if he was tempted to haul off and smack Schismenos Muñoz replied: “No the, the thought never really entered my mind. How bad would I have looked if I had laid into, you know, an old guy on ground after I had already did what I needed to do.”

Muñoz would like to become a cop.

The officer who responded smelled alcohol on Schismenos breath.

He admitted he had 4 to 5 shots of whiskey.

Police say Schismenos potentially faces charges ranging from DUI to assault.

CNN was unable to reach him.

He was treated at the hospital for a broken ankle and abrasions on his knuckles.