Florida gun shop owner declares store a Muslim-free zone

Posted at 2:14 PM, Jul 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-21 17:25:11-04

CITRUS COUNTY, Fl. — A Florida man is getting a lot of attention for his latest business move.

He has declared the Citrus County gunshop a Muslim-free zone, in a YouTube video.

Some people support the move, others say what he’s doing is against the law.

“And so effective immediately, I’m declaring Florida Gun Supply as a Muslim-free zone,” said store owner Andy Hallinan.

He said he knew this video would get some attention. Several customers came in to show their support.

“Unfortunately I had to offend everyone to get my message across,” said Hallinan.”I will not arm and train those who wish to do harm to my fellow patriots.”

The owner of Florida Gun Supply in Inverness said last week’s attack in Chattanooga was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“I believe that the vast majority of Muslims are not out to kill us,” Hallinan said. “But unfortunately, the Koran, the way it’s written commands them to.”

He said that he doesn’t want those who follow the Koran in his store.

“But if they come in here and they say hey, I don’t believe in Jihad,” he said. “And I don’t believe that killing innocent people in the name of religion is the right thing to do, they are as American as you or I.”

Meanwhile the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) says what this store is doing violates Federal law., and they are calling for the Department of Justice to investigate.

“I invite Andy, the gun shop owner, to break bread with us, to get to know us as his fellow Americans,” said Hassan Shibly with CAIR Florida. “As neighbors.”

“We might be his doctor, his police officer, his firefighter. That’s what the American-Muslim community is. And I think he should get to know us, and not let fear and hatred divide us as Americans,” said Shibly.

Hallinan, who says he actually studied the Koran, worries his views could make him a target, so he is stepping up his own security.

One of his employees already quit after the video was posted.