Newport News Police Officer takes action for dog in need

Posted at 11:56 PM, Jul 28, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-29 06:03:59-04

Newport News, V.a. – A Newport News Police Officer didn’t think twice before taking action for a dog in need earlier this month.

According to police, Officer Kendra Drucker was called out to the Davis Mobile Home Park for an assault call. After handling the situation she found a dog lying down outside of the home.

“I saw this dog that was just laying down on the ground, and I am prone to going to the dog. I wanted to see whose dog it was and no one claimed the dog,” Drucker explained.

According to neighbors, the dog, named Smokey, was a community pet at the mobile home park. Although many people took care of the dog, his food and bowls were kept at the home where the assault call came in.

“I went into the house where the dog was staying, and there was just an infestation of cockroaches and critters in the house .”

Smokey needed a bath, clean water and food, but most of all, Officer Drucker said he needed love.

“The dog you could just clearly see wanted attention,” she explained. “It followed me around the whole entire park while I was walking around. He was very friendly when you approached him; he just wanted attention, and that was basically what I wanted to do.”

Smokey also needed a new home. A neighbor stepped up and offered to take him in, but before allowing this, Officer Drucker checked out the woman’s home to make sure it was safe for Smokey.

“Her trailer was in very good, clean condition and she wanted to take the dog, but she couldn’t afford to buy food for the month,” said Drucker. “I told her not to worry about it that I would get her all the food and stuff that the dog needs if she could take the dog.”

Drucker went to a nearby store and bought Smokey food, flea medication and treats with her own money.

“I’m an avid animal lover, I have two dogs myself and every dog should have at least a nice home to at least put his head down.”

Weeks after leaving Smokey with a neighbor, Officer Drucker went back to check on him. That’s when she found out that Smokey’s original owner, a Chesapeake man came back for him and brought him home.

“The woman who was keeping Smokey said that the owner was able to get the house back, to where the house should be and was able to bring Smokey back with him. There was no concerns of neglect or abuse that she said she could see,.”

Although Officer Drucker worries about Smokey, she says she believes he is okay. She has received a large outpouring of thanks on social media for her actions, but Officer Drucker says it’s all part of a day’s work.

“I feel appreciated, but it’s my job. It’s not something that I think I did outside of my normal performances every day. Newport News police just want to help. We don’t want to do anything but help out the community.”