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People Taking Action: 80-year-old Norfolk crossing guard guides kids across the street, through life

Posted at 6:40 PM, Jul 28, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-28 19:18:17-04

Norfolk, Va. - He's the 80-year-old crossing guard at Norfolk's most confusing intersection known as Five Points.

This is where Chesapeake Boulevard, Sewell's Point Road and Norview Avenue come together forming a spaghetti bowl of entrances and exits.

Students like Norview High 10th grader Jamila Nicholson are thankful.

"It makes me feel more safe knowing he's gonna make sure I get across the street safely," says Nicholson.

It's hectic, but Edward Parham loves his job through out the school year and now during summer school, never missing an opportunity to encourage.

He's been doing it for 14 years after retiring from the trucking business for 40 years.

It was an email from the Reverend M. A. Bailey that brought us out to see Edward in action and Bailey read a portion of that email as we were about to make our presentation.

"I would like to highlight an awesome crossing guard. My family watches this gentleman every morning in Five Points. You can sit and watch this crossing guard, he loves what he does."

That's why we presented him with a NewsChannel 3 People Taking Action Award along with a $300 Visa gift card from our community partner Southern Bank.

Edward was honored, " Praise God! Praise God, thank you."

We asked him how much longer he plans to do this, his response?

"Until God tells me stop, and I will know when he tells me to stop."