Hampton neighborhood comes together to replace stolen bike for little boy

Posted at 11:37 PM, Jul 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-30 23:37:58-04

Hampton, Va. - Laura Bryant says her son, Christian, rides his bike up and down their Hampton neighborhood every single day during the summer.

That was until his bike was stolen right off of their front porch earlier this month.

“At 7-years-old, he didn't understand what would motivate someone to take something that doesn't belong to them,” says Bryant.

Laura says she didn't even realize her son's bike was stolen until she received a call from one of Christian’s friends who lives across the street.

“His mom called me and wanted to know if I had seen her son`s bike and that was when I checked and Christian`s bike was gone, too,” says Bryant.

Then she had to break the news to Christian.

“At first he didn`t believe me; he actually stopped what he was doing and walked to the front door, and opened up the door and looked. Then he just broke down and cried,” says Bryant.

Frustrated and upset -- Laura took to Facebook to vent about what happened to her son. Little did she know that her post would cause her friends to take action for Christian.

“They all chipped in and got him this awesome new bike that`s even better than the other one he got,” says Bryant.

So even though Christian had to learn a harsh life lesson at an early age, he was also able to see the good that can come from it thanks to people taking action.

“His favorite thing to do is ride his bike so when they took that away from him it was heartbreaking. And it just means a lot that people care about him and would chip in and help out like that.

Two days after Christian's bike was stolen, he was surprised with his new one.

He didn't have much to say on camera, but he did have this message for those who bought him his new bike.

“I would say thank you,” says Christian.