Eight shootings in six Hampton Roads cities over the weekend

Posted at 9:16 AM, Aug 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-03 20:06:07-04

Norfolk, Va. - Four people were killed and five people were injured in eight reported shootings in Hampton Roads between Friday night and Monday morning.

In Newport News, there's blood on a sidewalk. In Chesapeake, stains on a street. And in Virginia Beach, friends carved a cross into a pine tree, and tacked reminders to a pole. They mark the spot where a young sailor named Brandon Haith died from a gunshot. The killing near the Oceanfront stunned the sailor's neighbors, and floored his father.

Detectives across Hampton Roads worked overtime while an unusual spike of murderous violence crested throughout the weekend. Police were busier here in many cities where violent crime is more common.

There were murders in Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Norfolk, where there was also a second shooting that put a man in critical condition. In Newport News, there were two shootings. The violent crime here surpassed Baltimore, where the police commissioner reported two murders and three shootings.

And our crime just about matched that of Washington DC, where online police reports show three murders, and four shootings.

There's no indication from police that any of these murders are related. Detectives have made no arrests.

Click on the links below for more information on each incident:

Portsmouth –

Demetrius White, 24, Unknown location (fatal)

Chesapeake –

Unknown victim, Berkley Ave & Crystal Ave (fatal)

Virginia Beach –

Brandon Haith, 21, Barberton Dr. (fatal)

Newport News –

Female, 27, 48th Street & Marshall Ave. (injured)

Male, 22, Criston Dr. (injured)

Suffolk –

2 unknown victims, possibly Brookwood Ave. (injured)

Norfolk –

Male, Bagnall Rd. (fatal)

Male, 800 blk. Olney Rd. (injured)