Rush Limbaugh calls CEO “a socialist and communist” for plan to pay employees $70,000 minimum

Posted at 5:15 PM, Aug 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-04 17:15:30-04

Seattle, Wa. - Perhaps his heart was in the right place, but some are calling a millionaire boss plain-old-foolish!

According to the New York Times - Dan Price - the CEO of a credit card processing company - proposed a plan to pay his workers a minimum of $70,000 each!

He recently made the announcement to a cheering crowd of his employees, but not everyone is too happy about his ambitious idea.

Two longtime workers who were angry that new workers would make as much as veterans quit.

That includes one worker who would have received a $9, 000 pay raise.

Some clients have also bailed.

They fear they will be charged more to compensate for all the salary bumps.

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh is even calling Price a socialist and communist for making everyone's pay the same.

Meanwhile Price says he's taking a personal hit, but is hopeful his plan will work and inspire other businesses to make the same move.

“My hope is that I`ll be right at the end of the day. Don`t have any kids, too,” joked Price.


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