NewsChannel 3 obtains video of burglars breaking into Kempsville High School

Posted at 2:16 AM, Aug 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-21 23:19:36-04

Virginia Beach, Va. - Police are working to find out who is responsible for two break-ins at Kempsville High School.

NewsChannel 3 has obtained video of the suspects.

According to Virginia Beach Police, the burglars broke into the school through the building's skylight. Police say as many as five people were captured on the school's surveillance cameras breaking in around 5 a.m. Once inside the school, the group stole three sets of master keys, according to an incident report.

Police say they believe the same group returned to the school Saturday night around 9 p.m. They re-entered through the skylight but this time, they took athletic equipment. School security responded to an alarm around the time of the evening break in and contacted police; however, by the time they arrived the group was gone.

Virginia Beach Public Schools issued the following statement regarding the recent break ins:

"The school division is committed to maintaining the safety and security of our buildings. Therefore, there are a number of security in measures in place. For obvious reasons, we do not share all of those measures to the public. We are working with the police as they continue through their investigation."

Virginia Beach Police are continuing to review the surveillance video from the school. They say they will release the footage after further review.

While going through the school police say an alarm is triggered and school security responds. They contact police, but the suspects are gone by the time authorities arrived on scene.

Now they are trying to find out who these young men are and if anything else has been taken from the school.

Since the break ins, no others have been reported. With the first day of school only a few weeks away - students and parents are still feeling uneasy.

"It's scary to think that it is that easy, and who is going to get in and could be waiting for them when they come in the next day," says John Flora, a parent.