Family, friends walk to raise awareness for 23-year-old man shot and killed by Newport News Police officer

Posted at 10:06 PM, Aug 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-09 20:30:05-04

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - Friends and family of 23-year-old Kawanza Beaty walked two miles for his justice on Saturday.

“We’re walking maybe 20 to 30 blocks, passing out flyers, holding our signs, taking pictures, peacefully,” says Clyde Dargan, Beaty’s step-father.

It's the second of six planned walks in Newport News for Beaty. His parents say the goal is to share his story and prevent future violence.

Beaty was shot in the head by a Newport News Police Narcotics Detective back on July 4th.

The detective was with two other officers responding to earlier reports of a man armed with a shotgun. When they approached Beaty, he allegedly ran, then turned around, and pointed a shotgun at them.

The three officers were placed on administrative leave with pay. Now they are back to work on administrative duty, but they will not be on the street, as police conduct internal and criminal investigations.

Beaty's family wants the officer who killed their son to go to trial and for police to be more transparent about their investigation.

“Give us the facts,” says Dargan. “There’s no closure, there's no answers.”

Beaty's family previously called for a federal investigation but Newport News Police Chief Richard Myers said the FBI declined.

Just last week, the family filed a formal intent/notice to sue, for police failing to keep them informed.

The criminal investigation is expected to be done by late August. In the meantime, Beaty's parents say they will continue to spread the work and walk.

“However many we have to do to make sure we get justice for Kawanza.”