Police continue to search for clues in Virginia Beach father’s shooting death

Posted at 9:46 PM, Aug 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-19 18:24:00-04

Virginia Beach, Va. - Virginia Beach police officials say 42-year-old Guy Lavon Cuffee was fatally shot on Tuesday night in the Manchester Villiage  area of Green Run. They are still searching for answers in this case.

The shooting happened in the 1400 block of Harbinger Road near South Rosemont Road.

Emergency dispatchers received a call for the shooting around 9:14 p.m.

Cuffee was pronounced deceased at the scene.

On Wednesday, NewsChannel 3 spoke to Cuffee's ex-wife, Shari, who says she can't explain his murder. She described Cuffee as a family man, hard worker, and she says he was loved.

"He wasn't a confrontational person. He never owned a gun, none of that.  He wasn't a street person. He was just a father, a grandfather, a friend," says Shari.

Shari says he was picking their daughter up to bring her to work at Walmart because the car he recently got for her still needed some parts.

Before police got there, Guy's daughter was the one to find him shot to death in the street.

"Just senseless, no reason. He wasn't even out there five minutes," says Cuffee.

Shari says she has known Guy since she was 21-years-old.

She recently moved to the Manchester Village town homes because she thought it would be a safer area and he visited their daughters and grandchildren constantly.

Aside from his family, he loved to skate and worked for five years at the Greenbrier Family Skating center.

"There would be nobody who would have anything against him. He was a gentle soul, a great man, a great father and a great grandfather," says Sheila Harrison, the owner of the Greenbrier Family Skating Center.

The homicide remains under investigation.

"If somebody knows something, I just want people to step up get some justice. We need some justice," says Cuffee.