Man injured during early morning home invasion in Virginia Beach

Posted at 7:18 AM, Aug 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-11 18:44:55-04

Virginia Beach, Virginia - A man was injured after being hit over the head during a home invasion Tuesday morning, according to Virginia Beach Police spokesperson Tonya Borman.

Borman says two men broke into the victim's home in the 4200 block of Link Court around 4:55am. The men reportedly broke through the front door of the home, shattering the glass storm door in the process.

Once inside, gunshots were fired but no one was hit.

Police say a man was hit over the head with an unknown object but his injuries were not life-threatening. He was treated on scene.

There were other people in the residence but they were not injured.

The two suspects fled the area before police arrived at the scene. The victims say the men were fully masked and they were not able to identify any features to give descriptions.

A neighbor tells NewsChannel 3 another break-in occurred on the street just last week.

Police confirm that two men reportedly went through the back fence of a residence and smashed a back window to make entry into the home, ransacking the inside and stealing several items.

There's no confirmation on whether the crimes are related, but the incidents have residents rattled.

"We're just wondering if this is what's to come... should we expect this to be the norm?"

Edward Cuffee says within the last year, crime has gotten worse in the neighborhood around Chase Harbor Apartments.

"It`s kind of scary, but I`m thinking about having an alarm put on the house. I don't want anyone kicking in my door where I sleep. It's getting really dangerous so you got to do whatever you have to do to protect yourself," says Cuffee.

According to online police records, there were 44 crimes reported in the neighborhood alone in the last year, many of the violent including two robberies, three break-ins and three cars that were stolen.