Dozens take action to save injured dog’s leg

Posted at 12:56 AM, Aug 12, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-12 00:56:18-04

Newport News, Va. - A member of the Newport News Police Department is just one of the people who took action to help an injured dog last month.

Master Police Detective and K9 Handler, Jamie Huling, was at the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter in Newport News when a woman was surrendering her injured dog named London. The woman told Huling that the dog injured itself falling down the stairs and she was unable to pay for London's medical needs.

After speaking with the shelter about London's condition, Huling took action and reached out to his veterinarian, Dr. Andy Murphy, to see if he could help. Not only did the doctor take the case, he took $2,000 off of the surgery. With a bill of $1,000  Huling created a Go Fund Me page to raise the money for London's surgery.

"We needed $1,000 and in 49 hours we had raised $1,010," said Huling.

36 people, mostly strangers, pitched in to help pay for London's surgery.

"They don't know me from anyone else," explained Huling. "They just saw a dog that needed help and they opened up their heart and donated money."

It has been nearly three weeks since London's surgery. She needed to have a metal plate inserted in addition to numerous staples and pins. The hardware causes her to walk a little funny, but it is only temporary. Despite her limp, London isn't letting the surgery get in the way of her play time.

"We have seen a big change, her personality is just flourishing."

London still belongs to the shelter, but for now, the Huling's are fostering her and working with the shelter to find her a home.

"It gives her a whole new hope for her future who knows if she hadn’t been turned into us what would have happened at that point because the fracture was so severe," said Page Davis, Volunteer Media Coordinator at the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter.

The Hulings are keeping all of London's supporters up to date on her progress on her Facebook page, "London's Journey to Adoption". They hope that her story will inspire others to take action and help pets in need at their local shelters.