Hampton homeowner speaks out after police search house looking for stolen guns

Posted at 8:09 PM, Aug 12, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-13 05:58:44-04

Hampton, Va. - Melissa Taybron tells NewsChannel 3 she couldn't believe it when she saw a SWAT team and ATF outside her house on Greenbriar Ave. Monday.

"I was devastated," Taybron said.

Police were searching the house for stolen guns in connection to a burglary at a Chesterfield business that occurred early Friday.

Taybron says she was told a tip in connection to her teenage son led them to the house.

According to police, they found six guns during their search which they have confirmed were some of the guns stolen from the business.

Speaking to NewsChannel 3 Tuesday, though, Taybron says they didn't come from her house

"No guns, firearms were taken from my house," she said.

When asked where they could have been found, Taybron says she believes they may have been dropped nearby by someone who was spotted running through her yard Tuesday afternoon.

Police confirmed that they did see someone did take off running down the street when they arrived to serve the search warrant, but that person was not caught, so it's unclear how or if they're connected.

Police said they could not go into specifics about exactly where the guns were found.

No one has been charged at this point in connection to the guns found during the search in Hampton.

"If people use common sense, why aren't we locked up if we had guns in that house," said Taybron.

Hampton police say they are still working with ATF and Chesterfield police to determine what, if any, charges will be filed.

Police have made some arrests in connection to the initial theft out of Chesterfield, though.  Four people were arrested from Newport News, charged with burglary and grand larceny.