Residents concerned after two shootings in Virginia Beach in one week

Posted at 2:47 AM, Aug 13, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-13 06:59:32-04

Virginia Beach, Va. - Susan smith says she's so worried she won't let her kids play outside after two people were shot in her neighborhood on Monday and Tuesday.

“It’s so sad that they cannot play outside,” says Smith.

The violent outbreak started Monday at about 7:30. Police say a man was shot in the back and seriously hurt.
It happened as several neighbors and kids were playing outside.

Tonya Blackman says she feared for her life.

“I know that many kids were playing. We heard a couple of gunshots, about six or seven. I ran and got all the kids to make sure everyone was safe,” says Blackman.

And then Tuesday night just before ten, Guy Cuffee was shot and killed just a few blocks away from Monday night's shooting.

We talked with his ex-wife who says Cuffee was picking up his daughter to take her to work.

On Wednesday, we did still see some other neighbor kids playing outside, but not many.

Police haven't said whether more officers will be out here patrolling. We did see several though going through the area.

Susan Smith says she'd like to see more and says that's because she's afraid of stray bullets.

“Innocent kid gets shot, imagine what the mother or the father, parents would react knowing their children are playing outside. That’s very sad,” says Smith.


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