Wanted fugitive speaks only to NewsChannel 3; Says Norfolk shooting was self defense

Posted at 3:17 PM, Aug 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-19 10:22:59-04

Norfolk, Va. - A man wanted in connection to a recent shooting in Norfolk made an honest and shocking admission to NewsChannel 3 on Monday.

Kevon Whitehurst is one of two men wanted for a shooting that occurred Monday, August 10th in Norfolk.

"I got the news saying that I'm armed and dangerous. Do you feel like I'm dangerous?"

He told NewsChannel 3 he shot someone, but he claims it was in self-defense.

"Dude starts laughing. I'm like what?  Next thing you know, pow, pow, pow.  Mike, pow, pow, pow. So I'm just like pow, pow, pow.  I'm ducking I didn't see nothing," says White as he was describing what he says happened last week.

The shooting reportedly involved local activist Michael Muhammad. In a post to his Facebook page, Muhammad says he was in the vehicle with the victim of the shooting when it occurred. Whitehurst, however, says he wasn't the only one shooting.

He says both  Muhammad and another man both had guns. Police have not confirmed this.

He claims these are pictures of the car he was riding in and bullet holes.

bulletholes bulletholes2

Muhammad has been outspoken in the community about violence and even ran for mayor last year.violence

"He rolled down his window and started shooting, and then you speak about gun violence, but you're out here shooting pistols. That doesn't make no sense," says Whitehurst.

Whitehurst claims the fight started earlier in the day during a confrontation. He says he took these photos during the incident. muhammaed muhammed2

He says the dispute was over his 13-year-old cousin getting punched.

But Muhammad claims a different story on social media and wrote, "That the driver instructed a rear passenger 'to do it' at which time a young man extended his arm from the car and began to fire shots into my car."

We reached out to Muhammad numerous times to ask him about the alleged gun and to give him a chance to give his side of what happened.

A person who answered the phone said, 'I have nothing to say to you,' then wrote this text message:

"Please don`t bother me again with petty rumors of people playing with made up social media accounts. I don`t need 'you to give me a chance' for nothing! You show yourself and your station very irresponsible to harass a crime victim with such foolishness. Shame on you!"


"I just want people to know who they're really following and what they're really doing. At the end of the day, the truth is going to come out," says Whitehurst.

Muhammad explained his side on social media.

Tuesday we spoke to Muhammad's father.  He did not want to be interviewed but said he is concerned about his family.

He said Muhammad is worried about his family's safety and claims that is why he is not being vocal about the shooting from last week.

Muhammad's dad said the original fight stemmed from a fight between Muhammad's son and another man's son.

Police said this is an active investigation.

They call Whitehurst a fugitive with outstanding warrants.

However, Tuesday Whitehurst said his name is not listed as having an outstanding warrant.

We checked and his name is not listed on the city of Norfolk website has having an outstanding warrant.

We asked police why it is not posted and they did not know.

They said to send them an email with questions and they would get back to us.

The man who was injured remains stable right now, according to police.

Police are also looking for 50-year-old Isaiah Walter Wilson. They said both he and Whitehurst are wanted for malicious wounding and are considered armed and dangerous.


Two men wanted for shooting in Norfolk