Muhammad to Norfolk Police: ‘Do your damn job’

Posted at 9:00 PM, Aug 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-20 21:00:50-04

Norfolk, Va. - “I am calling on the Norfolk Police Department to step up and do your damn job.”

Michael Muhammad says it has been 10 days since two men tried to kill him, right in the middle of the day on Ballentine Boulevard and Princess Anne, and Norfolk police have not made any arrests. He said before the shooting, he endured threats from the suspects in the presence of Norfolk Police officers, who he says did nothing.

One of the men police charged was Kevon Whitehurst. He admitted to NewsChannel 3 he is the shooter, but says he fired in self defense after someone in Muhammad's car fired first. Muhammad said he was angry with NewsChannel 3 for letting the fugitive tell his side of the story, and that he had taken out warrants for placing annoying phone calls against the reporter who covered the story, Margaret Kavanagh.

“I have sworn out one complaint against and I intend to also swear out another complaint for trespassing,” says Muhammad.

But he returned his anger today to the Norfolk Police Department, who could not find the gunman that NewsChannel 3 found through Instagram.

“If the Norfolk Police Department won`t protect myself and my family, as citizens, we will exhort any means available, to protect ourselves,” says Muhammad.

Michael Muhammad said he has never fired a gun outside of a shooting range. But when we asked him directly if anyone in his car had a gun, he said, we needed to ask that question to the Norfolk Police. We have, several times, but they will not talk about this case. Muhammad said neither he, nor anyone else in the car, is facing any charges.


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