Officials find Portsmouth officers’ decision to use deadly force in Brown case justified

Posted at 7:08 PM, Aug 27, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-27 19:13:53-04

Portsmouth, Va.  – After months of investigation, officials announced their findings after Walter Brown was shot and killed by Portsmouth Police.

They say there is overwhelming evidence that shows Brown was an immediate threat to law enforcement and other people in the home at the time of the incident.

They say the whole thing started in the parking lot of the Save and Save Supermarket at 1000 7th Street.

Brown was in his silver Malibu at the time when someone walked to the driver’s side window and interacted with him.

Brown then parked his vehicle in the gas station next door and stayed inside.

At 2:25 p.m., an unmarked Suburban that had three officers inside parked next to Brown’s vehicle.

The detectives say the vehicle looked suspicious because it was in a vacant lot with no other vehicles around. They say a pedestrian on the corner appeared to be a lookout.

The detectives approached the vehicle while Brown and another person were inside.

One of the detectives says he could smell marijuana inside.

As the officers were investigating the odor, one of them asked Brown to get out of the vehicle and that’s when they say a struggle started.

The passenger got out of the car and Brown was trying to put the keys in the ignition to start the vehicle.

Brown was able to get the vehicle started and he then drove away.

Police chased the vehicle on I-264 westbound and then they exited on Portsmouth Boulevard.

Brown then made a turn on Shea Street and then onto Colin Drive South.

He then parked his vehicle in front of his home on 19 Colin Drive and ran inside.

As he was going into the home, one of the officers tased him in the back. They say Brown was able to get up and continue to run down a hallway.

The officer tried to tase him again but they say this had no affect on him.

They say Brown then went into a bedroom and went towards a dresser on the right and started fumbling for something.

Brown’s wife was in the bed at this time and was sitting up.

One of the officers tackled Brown down to the ground and tried to stun him again. They say again, this had no affect. They say Brown knocked the taser from the officer’s hand during this struggle. Officers say Brown was able to get the taser but did not use it against them.

Brown was able to get up and move back towards the dresser.

The officers say they saw Brown with a gun in his hand but they did not know where he was able to get it.

They say Brown then put the gun to his own head. One of the officers pulled Brown’s arm down towards the floor. Then he heard gunshots.

The officers say Brown pointed the gun towards them and they could see that one of the officers was struggling to pull his arm down.

One of the detectives then shot Brown while he was lying on his side. He was shot four times in his torso area. An officer says the gun was still raised and Brown was then shot in the head.

Police say Brown’s wife was recorded saying her husband put a gun to his own head.

No criminal charges will be pursued against the officers involved.


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