No bond for shooting suspect

Posted at 5:55 PM, Sep 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-09 11:22:19-04

Norfolk, Va. - Two men involved in a shooting in broad daylight in August were in court Tuesday.

Shooting suspect Kevon Whitehurst was denied bond.

Isaiah Wilson, the other suspect, was granted a $25,000 bond in court.

Community Activist Michael Muhammad was with two other men in another car. One of them was shot in the face and now has a bullet lodged under his eye.

For the first time, the Commonwealth`s Attorney admitted that gunfire came from the car Muhammad was in.

Pictures of Muhammad were presented to the judge by the defense attorney today.

Back on the day of the violence, there was an argument an hour and a half before the shooting.

Muhammad and Wilson were shouting at each other after their sons got into a fight.

The prosecutor says Wilson made threats in front of police towards Muhammad.

Whitehurst`s Attorney claims Muhammad was the aggressor.

“It`s our position that he caused this.  He was a catalyst to this whole thing and somebody in his car fired first.  I think that`s evident with 30 shell casings, bullet holes in our client’s car and our clients have been adamant from day one they did what they did in self-defense and they have the right to defend themselves,” says Eric Korslund, Whitehurst’s attorney.

But who fired first?

Whitehurst and Wilson are the only ones facing charges.

The prosecutor says police have a witness who saw Whitehurst shoot first.

“I hope they call this witness at the preliminary hearing where the witness can testify under oath how he was able to see who was shooting who first.  I think this is something that happened very quickly and it`s going to be difficult to discern who shot who first,” says Korslund.

Each side is blaming the other and both are saying they fear retaliation.

Now we'll have to wait until the next court hearing to try and get more information in hopes of uncovering what really happened.


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