Driver flees after crashing into Virginia Beach apartment building

Posted at 6:13 AM, Sep 15, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-15 17:15:46-04

Virginia Beach, Virginia -  Virginia Beach Police are looking for the people who were inside a car that crashed into an apartment building in the 1300 block of Lynnhaven Parkway early Tuesday morning.

Police says the accident happened around 2:05 a.m. and no one was hurt.

"I felt the building shake," says Kiana Dunbar.

That is what the people inside of the apartment woke up to.

"I looked out the window and there was a car in the wall," says Lauren Friedrichs.

The sound was so loud, Steve Mcullough heard it at his home down the street.

"I heard a big huge crash, like a dumpster falling from 50 feet. I mean, it was loud," says Mcullough.

Part of the wall was knocked away and the awning over the entrance was knocked down.

When Dunbar ran outside to see if anyone was hurt, she says the driver was trying to get away.

"He got out, tried to move everything off, then got back in , tried to drive away again," says Dunbar.

He ended up ditching the car and ran away along with a passenger.

It has the people who live there shaken up and angry.

"The guy seemed intoxicated," says Dunbar.  "He risked my life, he risked the lives of other people on the road. He could have hit the people over here. I know people live down here, like and the family just moved from right there and they had a little boy, so that could have easily been his room and killed the kid."

Courtesy: WTKR viewer

Courtesy: WTKR viewer

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The people inside the car ran off after the crash.

The building was heavily damaged and the accident remains under investigation.

A restoration crew spent the day cleaning everything up.