Norfolk crews unclog drains to prepare for Joaquin

Posted at 6:12 PM, Sep 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-30 19:37:33-04

Norfolk, Va. - Unclogging storm drains is a major way cities are getting ready for the potential weather we could see in Hampton Roads.

Crews in Norfolk were getting ready for intense weather. They were going from drain to drain clearing out the trash and debris.

"Anything that is in the roads eventually winds up in the drains," says Peter Garner with Norfolk Public Works.

City officials sent NewsChannel 3 pictures of a clogged drain completely full of trash.

They said there is a big difference between the weather we saw last weekend compared to what he could get in the near future.

"The difference between this week and last week is this week we are going to add some rain to it and we don't know how much we are getting as well, so that is going to have a greater impact than the storm from last weekend," said Garner.

Louis Drake has lived in the Stockley Garden's section of Norfolk for over two decades. He has seen it flood many times.

“The intersections get deep. Baldwin and Stockley Gardens gets chest deep on me and people drive into it every time,” said Drake.

"So it has to be biblical to get me up there," says Drake.

But every year, he still prepares.

"I prep every June. I get all the things that I need and then if it doesn't happen, either I eat the food or give it away," says Drake.

City officials encourage people to stay inside and not drive in large bodies of water.


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