Rappers rent home through Airbnb, neighbors call police reporting they are robbing the house

Posted at 8:46 AM, Oct 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-14 12:18:07-04

Police were called on five rappers renting an Atlanta-area home through Airbnb when neighbors thought they were robbing the home instead.

Artist STEFisDOPE rented the Airbnb with four of his fellow MCs — Xali, Ronnia, Joe and Willie — for a performance in Atlanta on Friday night. They posted pictures of the luxurious residence on social media.

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According to an open letter posted to STEF’s website, the five rappers were staying at the house since Thursday evening.

The next morning, two police officers arrived and asked the friends to come outside.

The officers said neighbors called police and reported that the group was robbing the house.

“I was surprised & then I immediately began laughing,” STEF said in the letter. “We weren’t in the wrong & the cops were just doing their jobs. Responding to a call.”

The friends explained their situation, even snapping a selfie with the officers.

“Once they saw that everything was cool,” STEF said, the cops left.

Later, the neighbor who called police apologized to the friends.

“She said there’d be a string of robberies in the area, didn’t know that the owner of the house was doing Airbnb, & wasn’t sure what was going on,” STEF said. “We all just kind of forgave her for it.”

Shortly after, the group witnessed another neighbor “walk right in the house & ask us who we were & what our names were. I immediately asked him who he was & what his was.”

STEF explained they were renting the house and “shook his hand, & that was the end of our interaction.”

His friend Xali was definitely not pleased with this neighbor’s behavior.

STEF, on the other hand, took a lighthearted approach to the situation.

“I’m not mad at the police officers. They were professional, genuinely chill dudes, & no one was hurt or taken to jail. I’m not even mad at the neighbors. I’ll be objective & say that they were being caring neighbors & good samaritans. For that, I can’t slight them.”