Driver who swerved and hit motorcycle: ‘I don’t care’

Posted at 1:01 PM, Oct 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-19 13:01:14-04

GRANBURY, Texas – A motorcycle crash that left two injured was caught on video by another motorcyclist’s helmet camera.

Editor’s note: The video contains profanity. Viewer discretion advised. 

On Saturday , Eric Sanders and his friend were riding their motorcycles down a Texas road when a car suddenly swerved and clipped his motorcycle, throwing Sanders and his girlfriend off the bike.

“I’ve got a gouge in my elbow that is bone-deep,” Sanders told WFAA.

Video posted to Facebook shows Sanders’ friend confront the driver of the car.

“What were you doing? You hit them,” you can hear the friend say.

“I don’t care,” the driver of the car says.

The man in the video repeatedly says he doesn’t care because he “got stung by a wasp.”

Sanders is recovering from his minor injuries, but his girlfriend remains in the hospital.

According to WFAA, so far, no one has been ticketed for the wreck, or for the pass in double-yellow lines.

The Texas Department of Public Safety says they are investigating whether the man intentionally crashed into Sanders.